Решение - Упражнения №26 по Английскому языку грамматика за 5 класс Голицынский Ю.Б, Голицынская Н.А

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Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.

Here is ... large window. Through ... window we can see ... room. Opposite ... window there is ... door. On ... door there is ... curtain. In ... corner of ... room there is ... round table. On it we can see ... books and ... telephone. There is ... bookshelf over ... table. On ... bookshelf we can see ... newspapers and ... book by ... Jack London. There are ... two ... pictures in ... room. One ... picture is small, ... other picture is very large. There are ... two bookcases in ... room. ... bookcases are full of ... books. There is ... large sofa in ... room. On ... sofa we can see ... bag. Whose ... bag is that? There is no ... bed in ... room. On ... small table near ... window there are ... flowers and ... glass of ... water. In ... front of ... window we can see ... armchair.

Перед названиями наук, учебных предметов и языков артикль не употребляется.

E.g. He studies chemistry. - Он изучает химию.

I speak English. - Я говорю по-английски

Это правило верно в том случае, если после названия языка не стоит слово "language".

E.g. Chinese is difficult. - Китайский (язык) трудный.

Если после названия языка стоит слово "language", то в таком случае употребляется определенный артикль.

The Chinese language is difficult. - Китайский язык трудный.

ГДЗ (Решебник (7-е издание)) по английскому языку 5 класс (грамматика) Голицынский Ю.Б / Упражнения / 26 1. What colour is your new hat? — It"s red. 2. Is there a refrigerator in your kitchen? 3. Where is the refrigerator in your kitchen? — It is in the corner of the kitchen. 4. There are some flowers in our living room. The flowers are in a beautiful vase. 5. I have some tea in my cup. 6. He has no coffee in his cup. 7. What book did you take from the library on Tuesday? 8.1 have some books, exercise books and pens in my bag. 9. I am an engineer I work at an office. I go to the office in the morning. As the office is far from the house I live in, I take a bus to get there. 10. What bus do you take to get to work? 11. Whose pen is this? 12. What colour is your new T-shirt? — It"s white. 13. She is going to a music shop to buy a cassette. What cassette is she going to buy? ГДЗ (Решебник (старое издание)) по английскому языку 5 класс (грамматика) Голицынский Ю.Б / Упражнения / 26